DOLE’s 40% salary counterpart for SPES (Special Program for Employment of Students) amounting to ?1,767,291.60 was released to 565 beneficiaries from Surigao del Norte last September 2020. (SPES) is DOLE’s youth employment-bridging program which aims to provide temporary employment to poor but deserving students, out-of-school youth, and dependents of displaced or would-be displaced workers. The goal is to augment the family’s income and to help ensure that beneficiaries can pursue their education. The province of Surigao del Norte made sure to follow safety protocols during the release of the salaries. The PESO managers from the different Local Government Units contributed to the success of this endeavor by helping to identify qualified beneficiaries, processinng and submission of requirements.

Inspite of the threats brought about by the pandemic, the LGU stayed true to its pledge to facilitate the release of the salaries without compromising the health and safety of the students. This effort led to the completion of documents needed to release the salaries of the following number of beneficiaries: 80 from Surigao City, 27 from Gigaquit, 50 from Tubod, 30 from San Benito, 55 from Pilar, 70 from Tagana-an, 45 from San Isidro, 50 from Mainit, 75 from Del Carmen, 23 from Placer, 30 from Sta. Monica and 30 from Malimono.

Ms. Busangilan thanked the DOLE-SDNPO through email for the new experiences gained during her stay. Good day, ma’am/sir. I am Genie T. Busangilan from Tubod Surigao Del Norte, one of the beneficiaries of SPES. I am very thankful to DOLE-Caraga region and SDN Provincial Office for giving me an opportunity to work. As a college student, I am very much thankful for being part of this experience since it helps me discover myself and my capacity to work and to handle pressure.  Most of all, I am grateful for the blessing, my salary, as it helps me and my family cope with the adverse effect of the pandemic.  I hope I can work with you again. God bless and keep safe.”

In these trying times, Government programs such as SPES clearly made a huge impact to the beneficiaries that will soon resonate by bringing students one step closer to achieving their dreams – even with the threats of the pandemic.