“We cannot always build the future FOR OUR YOUTH, but we can build our youth FOR THE FUTURE”, said Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The euphemism to most young people by the society around them today is that they are not needed, that the society will run itself without them until they – at some distant point in the future—will take over the reigns. The fact is often missed that the society will not run itself nicely because the rest of us need all the energy, brains, imagination, and talent that young people can bring to bear down the difficulties. For a society to attempt to solve its desperate problems without the involvement of the youth is inane.

DOLE’s Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) in a way is an ally of the youth especially the underprivileged students and out-of-school youth to break the barrier of monetary crises and ensures that these beneficiaries will be able to pursue their education despite the financial challenge. This program will also be a medium for them to have a training ground and a glimpse of a real-world workplace setting which is deemed necessary for their future employment.

Ms. Miel Jeah Notarte, 22 years old and a third-year college student assigned at LGU- Bayabas Municipal Treasurer’s Office, witnessed to have gained a positive experience in the workplace. According to her, she learned to socialize and put a good effort in everything she does. “With all the good things I have received from DOLE, I became determined to work harder to show how grateful I am for this opportunity”.

One of the beneficiaries from LGU-Bayabas, Surigao del Sur is Mr. Melvin C. Engrova. He is 21 years old and a third-year college student. According to him, the program has not failed to deliver its purpose to the beneficiaries. “I appreciate the initiative of DOLE through SPES mostly for us students who really needs this kind of intervention. One of our leaders in the municipality said that we should learn to respect people in authority, our colleagues and people seeking help”.

Mr. Melvin C. Engrova, another SPES beneficiary of LGU-Bayabas, Surigao del Sur, age 21 and a 2nd year college student has also expressed positive thoughts towards SPES. “Especially in this challenging time, the program hasn’t failed to deliver its purpose to the target beneficiaries,” Mr. Engrova said.

580 SPES beneficiaries have served DOLE-Surigao del Sur Provincial Office with Public Employment Service Office (PESO) as partner in the implementation of the program. With the active support of the stakeholders, DOLE has its way to continue to aid students and out-of-school-youth through the Special Program for Employment of Students.