Province of Dinagat Islands— the Department of Labor and Employment Province of Dinagat Islands (DOLE PDI) satellite office successfully conducted the assessment on the Philippine Talent Map Initiative (PTMI) to 63 beneficiaries from May 25 to June 26. The activity aims to assess and evaluate the competencies of the participants through standardized assessment and survey.

Beneficiaries of this program include twenty-seven (27) employees of Water Ups Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Job-Order personnel and CLP-Enumerator of DOLE PDI, 31 unemployed individual and five (5) trainees of Gaspar Rodriguez Educational and Training (GREAT) Center, Inc.

DOLE PDI personnel together with the staff work hand in hand to easily attain the given target and to supplement the limited resources by extending their personal laptops, cellphones and personally offered internet access aside from the pocket wifi and prepaid card. This ingenuity is mark as a good practice shaped by the DOLE PDI personnel and staff.

Participants were provided relevant information and evaluated based on the 21st Century Skills Assessment, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the learners, developing their desired career pathways and understanding the skills and competencies of the workforce. Resulting information provides relevant and current labor market information focus on what training the policy makers/ human resource developers will prepare for employees in the industry.

The result of the assessment will serve as a vehicle in addressing the job-skill mismatch and LMI gaps in the particular area and therefore increase the employability of our workforce, creating more relevant programs to address workforce issues.

Aimy T. Booc