As part of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) mandate to ensure the well being of workers and provide equal employment opportunities, DOLE Surigao del Norte Field Office (DOLE SDNFO) continues to intensify the implementation of the Family Welfare Program (FWP) and Gender and Development in business establishments in the province.

On March 30, 2022, DOLE SDNFO assisted Tango Romeo General Construction in its Family Welfare Committee (FWC) reorganization. With 204 employees, the Claver-based organization implements six (6) dimensions of the program that include (1) Reproductive Health and Responsible Parenthood, (2) Medical Health Care, (3) Nutrition, (4) Environmental Protection Hygiene, and Sanitation, (5) Sports and Leisure, and (6) Transportation.

During the orientation, DOLE SDNFO Senior LEO Verlan Diaz explained the importance of the reorganization of the FW committee as one of the steps in implementing the program. He emphasized that through the proper implementation of the FWP, the company shall be able to provide a better quality of life to their workers and their families, and in turn, increase work productivity. As observed in other companies that implemented FWP, the program greatly contributed to the reduction of absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover of workers and improved work environment through prevention of disputes.

Engr. Jose Brando L. De Guzman, Project Manager of Tango Romeo, grateful for the initiative, looked forward to how the program shall improve worker productivity.

“I am thankful for this assistance from DOLE. This is one of our many efforts to take care of our workers. I look forward to how this program will help our workers become more efficient and productive,” says Engr. De Guzman.

FWP is the program of DOLE that seeks to introduce the concept of promoting the welfare of workers and their families as a key to workplace productivity and improved worker-management relations.

Tango Romeo also implements a Gender and Development (GAD) program that supports equal employment opportunities to its female workers. The company provides women workers jobs that are gender-stereotyped for male workers. Currently, it employs lady dump truck drivers, and continues to conduct skills training for both male and female workers.

GAD is one of the programs of the government that promotes gender equality, particularly in workplaces, by providing equal opportunities to all genders.