Secretary Bello’s signing of Labor Advisory No. 15 is definitely a good thing for us. This shows that DOLE is cognizant of our issues and concerns. We just hope that the government and private sector will abide by these laws”, says Alfredo Baluyut, Owner of Commando Security Agency and ViceChair for Management of the Security Services ITC, during the Joint Security Services and Manpower Services ITC meeting recently convened at the Embassy Hotel, Butuan City, on February 19, 2020.

LA No. 15 or the Clarificatory Guidelines on D.O. 150 series of 2016 reiterated, among others, that administrative fee shall not be less than 20% of the total contract cost. Further, it should contain the service agreement between the principal and the security agency. The said advisory also emphasized that the automatic crediting provision is required and should be included in the provisions of the service agreement.

In the same meeting, RTWPB Board Secretary Earl Dela Victoria advocated the 2-tiered Wage System to promote productivity. Participating security and manpower agencies said that they are willing to adapt the system if this means an increase in the productivity level of their workers.

The Joint Security Services and Manpower Services ITC Meeting was attended by all security and manpower agencies operating in Caraga Region. As first meeting for 2020, the activity aimed to update the new labor issuances for the participating agencies and the actions taken by the department to address ptheir issues and concerns.