115 TUPAD beneficiaries from Barangays Mahaba, Puting Bato, and Pirada, Cabadbaran City received their salaries amounting to Php 603,750.00 at Cabadbaran City People’s Hall. The beneficiaries, each receiving Php 5,250.00 for their 15 days of work, are members of the Manobo and Mamanwa Indigenous People/Indigenous Cultural Community (IPs/ICCs) in Cabadbaran.

Barangay Puting Bato Tribal Leader Bae Leonida Caples Rebollo shared that the financial aid will help not only her but also the members of the IPs/ICCs in defraying their daily expenses. “Sakong kabahin ma’am, sa Php 5,250.00 kuhaan nako na ug 1,000.00 para ipalit ug sud-an ug ang 1,125.00 ipalit ug bugas nga konsumo namo. Ang nabilin nga kwarta dugang pliti para sa akong mga anak nga nag skwela ug uban pang lain galastuhan sa pang adlaw-adlaw. Dako na kaayo ni nga tabang sa ako uban sa mga miyembro sa amung tribu. Busa mapasalamaton kami niini nga programa,” she said.

Congressman Dale V. Corvera of the 2nd District of Agusan del Norte, Mayor Judy Chin Amante of Cabadbaran City, Assistant Regional Director Raymond Fel F. Sajor and Field Office Head Keith C. Duran and PESO Manager Estilito O. De Vera of Cabadbaran City were present in DOLE’s event.

Mayor Amante encouraged the beneficiaries to take good care of the assistance given by the government. As the government wants to bring its services to their doorsteps, the beneficiaries should also partner this with their effort to improve their socio-economic status.

This was supported by Hon. Corvera who shared that the green uniform worn by the beneficiaries reminded him of a traffic light. Like the green light, the beneficiaries should move forward and aim for a better life.

ARD Sajor expressed his gratitude to the LGUs, especially to the office of Hon. Corvera for their assistance in the implementation of the TUPAD program, “The success of TUPAD would not be realized without our LGUs cooperation and partnership,” he shared.

DOLE ADNFO Head Duran also showed appreciation for the cooperation between the beneficiaries and the LGUs. He assured that the DOLE ADNFO is always ready to provide programs, services, and assistance to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged clients/beneficiaries.

TUPAD or Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers is a community-based package of assistance that provides emergency employment for displaced workers, underemployed and seasonal workers, for a minimum period of 10 days, but not to exceed a maximum of 30 days, depending on the nature of work to be performed.

Only the following types of projects can be supported with such assistance; (1) Social community projects, such as repair, maintenance, and/or improvement of common public facilities and infrastructure such as schools and health centers, debris clearing, de-clogging of canals, debris segregation and materials recovery, stockpiling and clearing, (2) Economic community projects like repair, maintenance and/or rehabilitation of farm-to-market roads, bridges, post-harvest facilities, public markets and common service facilities such as production and display centers, fish ports, and (3) Agro-forestry community projects, such as tree planting, seedling preparation, and reforestation. (KJBA, LEOIII-FNLI & MCRL, SNR.LEO/DOLE ADNFO