1. Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)
     SPES Form 1 – Pledge of Commitment

     SPES Form 2  – Application Form

     SPES Form 2A – Oath of Undertaking Form

     SPES Form 3 – Establishment Summary Report

     SPES Form 4 – Employment Contract

     SPES Form 5 – Placement Report cum GSIS Insurance

     SPES Form 6 – Terminal Report/ Payroll Report

     SPES Form 7 – Quarter Summary of Work & Financial Report      

2. Alien Employment Permit (AEP)

     AEP Application Form

     AEP Checklist (Evaluation Sheet)

3. Registration of Contractors and Sub-Contractors under DO 174

     DO 174 Application for Registration

     DO 174 Checklist (Evaluation Sheet)

     DO 174 Verification Inspection

4. National Skills Registration Program (NSRP)

     NSRP Form 1 – Jobseeker Registration Form

     NSRP Form 2 – Employer   Registration Form

5. Registration of Worker’s Association (RWA)

     RWA Registration Form

6. Establishment Employment Report

     RKS Form 5 – Termination Report

7. DILEEP Livelihood

      Application for Fund Assistance

      Group Business Plan Format

      Individual Business Plan Format

      Profile of Displaced Workers

8. Rule 1020

      Application for Registration

9. Safety and Health

       Accreditation Forms – OSH Practitioner/ Consultant

            Application Form for OSH Practitioner

            Checklist of Requirements

10. PESO

       PESO Survey Form