Labor Advisories
Labor Advisories for the year 2020
Title Date
Labor Advisory No. 28-20 Guidelines on the Payment of Thirteenth Month Pay2020-10-19
Labor Advisory No. 17 B-20 Guidelines on Employment Preservation upon the resumption of Business Ope2020-09-09
Labor Advisory No. 27-20 Payment of Wages for the Special (Non-Working) Day on August 21, 2020 and R2020-08-20
Labor Advisory No. 26-20 Payment of Wages and Other Monetary Benefits Through Transaction Accounts2020-08-04
Labor Advisory No.25-20 Payment of Wages for the Regular Holiday on July 31, 2020 2020-07-30
Labor Advisory No. 24-20 Engagement of Children 15 to below 18 Years of Age in Public Entertainment 2020-07-10
Labor Advisory 23-30 Engagement or Participation of a Child below 15 years of age in Public Entertai2020-06-23
Labor Advisory No. 17-A Series of 2020 Establishment Report Form2020-06-11
Labor Advisory 22-20 Payment of Wages for Regular Holiday on June 12, 20202020-06-10
Labor Advisory 21-20 Guidelines on the verification of the qualifications of private health workers 2020-06-08
Labor Advisory No. 20-20 Payment of Wages for the Regular Holiday on May 25, 2020 in Observance of E2020-05-20
Labor Advisory 19-20 Application and Issuance of Alien Employment Permits (AEPs) for Foreign Nationa2020-05-20
Labor Advisory 17-20 Guidelines on Employment Preservation upon the Resumption of Business Operatio2020-05-18
Labor Advisory 18-20 Guidelines on the Cost of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures2020-05-18
Labor Advisory 14-A Supplemental Guidelines on the Non-Inclusion of the Community Quarantine Period 2020-05-11
Labor Advisory 16-20 - Interruption of Period for Filing of Application (New and Renewal) of Alien E2020-05-06
Labor Advisory 15-20 Payment of Wages for the Regular Holiday on May 1, 20202020-04-30
Labor Advisory No. 13- A -20 Deferment of Payment of Holiday Pay for the April 2020 Holidays2020-04-01
Labor Advisory No. 14-20 Clarification on the Non-Inclusion of the One-Month Enhanced Community Quar2020-03-31
Labor Advisory 12-20 Clarificatory Guidelines on COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (AMP)2020-03-23
Labor Advisory 11-20 Supplemental Guidelines Relative to the Remedial Measures of COVID-192020-03-17
Labor Advisory No 10-20 Clarification on the Effectivity Date of Republic Act 113602020-03-05
Labor Advisory No 9-20 Guidelines on the Implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements as Remedial Me2020-03-04
Labor Advisory No 8-20 Payment of Wages for the Special Non-Working Day on February 25, 2020 in Comm2020-02-21
Labor Advisory No. 07-20 Labor Advisory Enjoining Private Establishments to Require Only Certified T2020-02-11
Labor Advisory No. 06-20 Guidelines on the Payment of Final Pay and Issuance of COE2020-02-04
Labor Advisory 04-20 Guidelines on 2019 Novela Coronavirus (2019-NCoV) Prevention & Control at the W2020-01-31
Labor Advisory 01-2020 Suspension of Work in the Private Sector by the Reason of Natural or Man-made2020-01-14
Director's Corner
Regional Director Chona M. Mantilla, CESO III