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Notice of Vac

Labor & Employment Officer III - Open 10/1/2019

Sheriff II - Posted 8/29/2019 CLOSED

Labor & Employment Officer III - Posted 6/19/2019 (Filled Up)

Senior Labor & Employment Officer - Posted 6/19/2019 (Filled Up)

Community Facilitators  (Filled Up)

Labor & Employment Officer III/ Admin Assistant VI - (Filled Up)

Labor & Employment Officer II (SDN Provincial Office)  (Filled Up)

Senior Labor Employment Officer - Posted Feb 6, 2019  (Filled Up)

Labor & Employment Officer II/ Admin Asst II (LEO II/ AA II) - Posted January 9, 2019  (Filled Up)

Chief Labor & Employment Officer (LEO) - Posted Dec 28, 2018 (On-Going Hiring Process)

AO V/ LEO III/ AA III - Posted December 4, 2018  (Filled Up)

Community Facilitator (SRO-CARP Project) - Posted Nov. 8, 2018  (Filled Up)

Senior LEO/ LEO III/ LEO II - Posted August 3, 2018  (Filled Up)

K-12 DOLE AMP Technical/ Admin Staff - Posted July 25, 2018  (Filled Up)

Child Labor Enumerators - Filled Up 

Chief Labor & Employment Officer (LEO) - Closed

Applicants to the Government Internship Program (GIP)  - Filled Up

Applicants to the Project-Based Personnel for the National Skills Registration Program (NSRP) - Filled Up 

Senior LEO (LLCO) - On-Going Hiring Process

Planning Officer II  - Filled Up 

Med-Arb Position - Filled Up 

LEO III - Filled Up 

Senior LEO & Supervising LEO - Filled Up 

List of Vacant Positions in DOLE Caraga  - Filled Up 

List of Vacant Position in DOLE Caraga - LEO III  - Filled Up 

List of Vacant Position in DOLE Caraga - LEO II  - Filled Up 

Director's Corner
Regional Director Chona M. Mantilla, CESO III
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