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Surigao Del Norte Field Office Gains Media Mileage For SEnA and DO-18

The DOLE-Surigao Del Norte Field Office, under the leadership of Ms. Gloria  A. Varquez, was able to gain partnership with a local radio station dxRS through the initiative of her staff Mr. Verlan Diaz.   Mr. Diaz was sought for an interview by dxRS anchorman/reporter Jan Estano over the issue of some employees of a certain mall in Surigao City reportedly being underpaid by the establishment, including complaints of non-issuance of an official payslip that should  show the employees’ basic pay, and other benefits and salary deductions related to their employment. When asked for a comment, Mr. Diaz explained that the issuance of pay slips is one aspect that is required in the observance of labor standards.  He explained further that  the affected workers can  file a request for assistance (RFA) through the Single Entry Approach (SEnA), which is one of  the flagship programs of DoLE instituted by the Hon. Secretary Rosalinda D. Baldoz,.  

 With respect to the employees’ reluctance to file a formal complaint in fear of losing their jobs, Mr. Diaz recommended that the employees’ write a request for assistance letter to DOLE  - Surigao Norte Field Office to place the  subject establishment under complaint inspection.  

            Taking further advantage of the opportunity, Mr. Diaz implored Mr. Estano to assist our office by broadcasting on air, the need for both contracting parties (contractors and principals) to understand the importance of DOLE registration under Department Order No. 18-a series of 2011.  That failure of which to  register will give rise to a presumption that the contractor is engaging the illegal practice of “labor only contracting,” and that the principal shall be solidarily liable with whatever labor related infractions committed by its contracted contractors/sub-contractors on their workers.

            Copies of the Implementing Rules were provided to Mr. Estano to substantiate in reference to the aforementioned discussions.

Director's Corner
Regional Director Chona M. Mantilla, CESO III
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